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Austin Entertainment Management is building an alliance of music supporters. 

Venues, promoters, musicians, and fans sharing resources and education to build a thriving music community.

Key perks to joining our free monthly meetings or the membership

  • Music promotions support group. No longer figuring it all on your own. Learn effective methods to reach your music goals and stop wasting time.
  • Access to education that would normally cost you hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars. When you follow through with the curriculum you can qualify for scholarships so you can quit guessing. Learn the right way, get the result you want.
  • Practice the skills required of you to be able to accept bigger opportunities. Be part of a community where opportunities to get to your next step are all around you. Have some accountability so you get it done. 
  • Become clear on what you are trying to do and find collaborators with matching values to you. Build a music team around you that you trust.


The purpose of this group is to connect music promoters to education and resources to help with music success in audience reach and revenue.

You are a lover of music. You may be good at making it, or creating events where music can be heard. You may not know about marketing, networking, licensing, booking, and the numerous things you need to do that are a part of promoting your music and increasing revenue. You don't have to do this alone

  • We grow an engaged following that will become super fans. 
  • We track metrics to make sure we are on the right track
  • We work as a team. First, being fans to each other to attract more fans. 
  • We tell a story- Just like we tell a story in the songs we perform, people want to know your story. What it is like to create music? What kind of person does it. 
  • We are consistent- When your fans know when and where to show up, they will do it. 
  • We are a community of music lovers that want to equip as many people as possible with the tools to continue to create and share music. 

Together, we will all discover bigger opportunities to share our music and find satisfaction!

Start with a free 30 minute music strategy session


    Get connected with the resources you need.
    • One on one strategy session with Heidzalyn. We are going to personalize your strategy for you.
    • Then check out our growing resource library. After your appointment you should know what is important for you to dig into first
    • Book appointments to talk to the experts and mentors in our group. 
    • Find likeminded artists to collaborate with.
    • Get access to special offers and community educational events. 

    This group is for anyone who is working on promoting music. 

    • People who host music groups/pages for music groups to post their events and fans to find them.
    • People who are curious about how music could be a sustainable income.
    • People who have been in the music industry for awhile, have plateaued, and don’t feel satisfied with what they’ve been doing.
    • People that joined the music industry to collaborate and enjoy other musicians and their music.
    • Music venues that feel like they aren’t getting their money’s worth out of hiring live music or have no idea how to promote their own events effectively.
    • It doesn’t matter where you live. If this is you check out the link and join us.

     The music brings us together. 

    Topic we are talking about. 

    1. What is your vision?

    2. Where do you find the time?

    3. What is your plan?

    4. Who is your super fan and what is your story?

    5. How to perform your story and connect with your audience. Speaking on podcasts, radio shows, personal content, on stage. 

    6. How to be entertaining. What are you creating with each show? 

    7. Website or landing page

    8. What companies should you know about? What social platforms should you be on.
    Social media best practices- How to use to get people to show up and buy

    9. Collecting emails- Music newsletters and automations to increase sales CRM 

    10. Other digital tools to make it easy hiring virtual assistants

    11. Graphic design. Flyers, posters, social posts, etc

    12. Photos/video production editing.

    13. Merchandise and Promo Products

    In our Mastermind we dig in learning how to work as a team

    Engagement- Posting regular engaging content so others can share and comment as soon as it posts which gets more attention. 

    Bookings and Opportunities- Pooling our knowledge about the music venues and music opportunities. Having a system to share information to hold clubs accountable and create a better music environment for musicians. Have a system to share opportunities from a quick fill in or referral that leads to a booking. 

    Planning a tour. Working with other booking agents. Connected large cities so it is easy to put together a tour.

    Working in the studio/ Home studio  best practices

    Networking. Using LinkedIn to connect with professional contacts in the industry. Tapping into community resources to find new opportunities. Events to sell merch and establish brand recognition. 

    Get started with a free music strategy session

     If you aren’t sure if you want to subscribe,

    we have free monthly meetings for music promoters the third Monday of every Month which is  at 7:30pm Est on Zoom.

    Register for the free monthly networking meetings here

    There's good stuff on our YouTube Channel too!

    21 Modules

    Self Discovery and Branding

    You are the only one who stands in your way. Here are some free exercises for you to learn more about who you are and what makes you unique. 

    Time for Music- Start here

    "How you spend your time is more important than how you spend your money. 
    Money mistakes can be corrected, but time is gone forever." David Norris

    AEM Mission and Roadmap

    The mission of Austin Entertainment Management 

    To build an alliance of music supporters. 

    Venues, promoters, musicians, and fans 

    sharing resources and education to build 

    a thriving music community.

    We do this with business education, coaching, events, games, networking, sponsorships, and promotion.

    Weekly Music Mastermind

    Meeting notes and replays will be found here. 

    AEM Master Minds Itinerary Mondays 1:30-3PM Est

    1:30-1:45 PM Group Action                    

    1:45-2:00 PM We will talk about what is holding us up and get some ideas for solutions.

    2:00-2:15 PM HOT SEAT

    2:15-2:30 PM Choose your assignment for the week. – Slack Message Fill out the form

    2:30-3:00 PM AFTER PARTY- I’ll plan for an extra 30 minutes just in case our conversation runs a bit long OR we just want to socialize like you would at an in person meeting. No worries if you have to leave.

    Education Topic: Social Media

    Managing your social media can be a full time job. This section will help you learn more about what you should be working on in an industry that is always changing. 

    Mindset- NEW LESSON 01/17/2023

    We start with mindset because this determines what you will achieve. Taking time to develop a more effective way to think will help you in ever area of your life. Everything will be come easier. 

    Things to consider joining

    Here are some groups with resources that help you earn money.

    Experience: Laws of Life

    With what Blanca brings to the group, you will have a chance to practice networking, connecting, and finding your next opportunity to reach your goals. Start where you are and become a self powered entrepreneur. 


    You have to have a map or you are going to get lost

    Education Topic: Branding

    Want more fans?

    Confidence + Clarity = Fans

    Learn more from Jeff Glauser and his Brandscribed Method.

    I recommend that if you haven't thought about what story you are telling with your music promotions you begin here. If you have begun to tell your story, find out how to make your story most effective. Musicians perform and tell a story through music. Now it's time to tell your story. 

    Coming Soon: Education Topics- Your performance

    Education topic: Marketing

    If you want people to hear your music, learning more about marketing will help you spread the word. 

    Education Topic: Your voice

    I'd like to introduce to you to Schroeder Nordholt of Eganville, Canada and his


    Inspire & Influence Your Audience ... Present, Persuade & Profit ... Unlock your true voice, become the Truer Than True Version of You, & unleash your power!

    Education Topic: Selling Music

    If you don't want to keep playing for exposure for the rest of your life, this module will be important for you

    Education topic- Products

    I want to introduce you to Peggy Lynch from 21K Promotions LLC. She is our AEM Expert to help with strategy with promotional products. 

    Feel free to contact her to learn more about creating your merchandise and using promotional products.

    Coming Soon. Education topics- How money works

    Building your online presence

    Let's make sure you have all the pieces to creating an online presence that sells for you while you are busy or sleeping. 

    Modules for this product 21
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