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AchieveBet is a game to keep busy people focused on the basics of self care for optimal performance. If you are stressed, tired, and overwhelmed it is going to be much harder to do whatever project or goal you want to complete. So relax! Have some fun. Get a partner. Discover new solutions. Get some evidence of success. Get some stuff done. Allow the process of 90 days to transform the way you decide what to act on. Enjoy the journey because that journey is your life. 


Anyone who is busy and trying to figure out where self care such as drinking water, better diet, exercise, gratitude, self awareness, relaxation, and fun can fit into their schedule. This 90 day game will give you the data you need to reprogram inefficient habits and free up more mental energy to balance the busiest schedule with less overwhelm and fatigue. 

Anyone who knows what they should be doing but aren't doing it. Overwhelm can be paralyzing. There are shiny objects everywhere that can be distracting. This game will teach you how to stay focused on what is most important to your health. Get that project on your procrastination list done. Become a creation machine! 

Anyone seeking an accountability partner to build good habits in basic self care. 

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HOW TO PLAY / TIME NEEDED- The game is 90 days. 

It takes some time to build a habit!

Play with only five to fifteen minutes per day and hold on tight. Your consistency with your least effort will build unstoppable momentum.

The longer you play, the more time you are going to save, so you can decide to play some more and add a challenge game to master a habit you want to focus on. 

Discover the benefits of what effective processes can do for you like feeling satisfied, focused, healthy while having time for every thing you want to do. 

Slow down for 90 days and play. Watch how much faster and easier your results will come to you. 

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Many of these are habits you may already do. So celebrate each check mark that is easy for you. Yep, celebrating the small wins everyday is a good habit to have too. Everyday I hope you recognize how many wins you have even on the bad days. 

Whatever task is easy for you isn't easy for every body so keep an eye on your partner to ask if you can suggest some things you tried to make your habit automatic for them to try. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you notice your partner is good at what you aren't. 

I know it's a competition. Don't be so focused on perfection. Don't be such a bully! This all is supposed to be fun. Including figuring out the best processes for success. What you don't complete will indicate areas of your life you could use outside insight from someone like your accountability partner.

The most valuable habit you are going to put into action from this game is tracking actions important for you to complete everyday. This habit will save you on the days you feel like you have made no progress and bring you back down to earth when you see there are important areas of your life you are ignoring. 

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  • The first Monday of the month is our Bet on Yourself and Win workshop at 7:00-8:30 Est. In this zoom meeting you will learn everything you need to know to play the game.
  • Your first partner is the Game Director. Once you are comfortable with playing, you will get a partner with another player. 
  • The game week begins on Wednesday. It takes 5-15 minutes per day to play. 
  • The game week ends on Tuesday. 
  • All reports for the game week are due by Wednesday 11:59 Pm EST. 
  • Points will be totaled on Thursdays.
  • Every Friday is Celebration Day where I will announce the winner for the week / Month. login for weekly updates
  • At the end of the 90 days the player with the most points will be declared the winner. 


Only 10 spots available for each game. A new game starts the first Monday of every month, but don't wait! 

The time for waiting and watching is over. It is now time to act and win. 


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