Invite and win!

You could use a little more cash right? 

I've got a win win win kind of deal for you.

I know that you probably know some people or even a group of people who could use some more wins in their life. 

They could use more time to take care of themselves because they are constantly giving out so much to other people. 

Let them know that there is a fun way to make more progress than they have before by inviting 

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Use your affiliate link

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Email invite text

If you have an email list, here are some emails you can use to invite people to Bet on Yourself and Win.

👉 In person Inviting

Posters and invite hand outs

📂Download stuff to share on Social sites

If you want to invite your audience on social media this is the place to go for content. 

You can also share content from my pages and @Heidzalyn

Please use  #Achievebet

Are you an Instructor or Coach?

I'm looking for collaborators for my accountability game


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