Special Events


Weekly Events

To find new opportunities and always be learning and growing we recommend you attend these events with us!

Our friend Blanca is on FIRE!  

This is an event where everyone in the world is welcome! 

We connect as individuals and change our laws of life, our visions and our entrepreneurial pursuits.  You are 100% welcome to join us EVERY Tuesday and BRING FRIENDS!  

Laws of Life Weekly Talk Show & Networking Event

The Essential Academy is changing the lives of creators every day.

Enjoy a tour of The Essential Academy.Org a private, initiation-only international educational community!

Come and meet 'n' greet Instructors from around the world! 

Network in Breakout Rooms!


Be inspired by guest speakers!

Join Blanca and Natan Verkhovsky  for the Laws of Empowering Entrepreneurs.

Helping creators and entrepreneurs present the best version of themselves. Join us!

Watch us Live on Facebook

Want more Laws of Life?

Monthly Events

New Game of AchieveBet Starts the first Monday of each month

Set yourself up to win every time with a game.

It's online

Takes five to fifteen minutes to play

Start small and level up. 

Start with mindset, then physical health, and finally relationships.

Person at the end with the most points after 90 days wins!

Together with Austin Entertainment Management we are building a thriving music community. 

Community is the magic that makes a music career work

Join us the third Monday of every month to learn more about what you might be missing to reach your music goals.

Meet motivated and like minded musicians for collaboration.

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