Work Happy Project

When you and your team are happy, you can achieve amazing results.

If you aren't providing some fun and happiness into the work day, why would people continue to spend their time there and work for you?

Have you ever wondered if your employees were happy?

Are you brave enough to find out and increase the energy, productivity, and satisfaction in your workplace?

 Even if you are in a demanding and stressful industry, you can create a happy work environment. 

Change isn’t as hard as you think. With a process it can be easy.

The Work Happiness Challenge is making work happier in 1, 2, 3.

Step One- How many stars do you get?

Start with a snapshot of the mindset of your workplace with a quick 12 question confidential survey. Your team can be honest about areas needing improvement without being identified. These answers will be reviewed by a Wilder Business Success Coach who will meet with you to share the score in each of the 12 areas.

Step Two- Determine the solutions that fit your unique work environment.

You will choose a personalized happiness challenge that we will hold you accountable to completing over 90 days. The challenge is designed to teach leadership and collect feedback that is constructive so everyone works together to achieve the mission you have set. 

Step Three- Lead your team to greatness.

 You will learn how to set up a process to communicate your mission, track your results, identify strengths, encourage growth, and meaningful relationships which has been proven to keep employees engaged and excited to come to work. 

At the end of the challenge

We will return to have your group take the confidential survey again to see if you were able to improve your numbers.

The top three businesses who accept the next level of the Work Happiness Challenge and complete it by December 20, 2022 will receive a Free Lunch and Learn Presentation for their office with a $2,000 value.

Meet your coaches

Doug Wilder has been a Business Coach with Wilder Business Success and has been taking businesses through this process of uplifting the workforce for 20 years. Heidi Aderman has 18 years of management experience and now leads people with Heidzalyn Coaching to develop better habits by gamifying the process of change. Heidi became a Wilder Certified Coach in 2021. Doug and Heidi have heard from business owners who are having trouble hiring or keeping good help. They believe that having a process to work happiness is the key to building a strong team that produces great results. That process became the Work Happy Project. 

Our Mission

Making work happy with processes for creating better communication, innovation, and leadership. 

We want to have 100 people say that this challenge made their work happier by Dec 20, 2022 

This challenge is hosted by Wilder Business Success and Heidzalyn Coaching. 


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