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One mission of Austin Entertainment Management is to provide the opportunities to musicians who have the right mindset and skills to fit those opportunities.

The opportunities you want are there for you. You only need to be prepared to take them. You have to have the skills and knowledge to qualify.

A big part of achieving our mission is providing access to education around mindset so you stop getting in your own way. Then learn the business of music. These lessons can be applied in any part of your life so you can have multiple avenues to success.

We have free events to teach you what you need to know. We make it easier for you to meet motivated musicians to collaborate with. 

Education is great but nothing improves until you do the work

Action is the next step. Getting started can be difficult. 

  • When you get started you may be uncertain if you are doing the right thing.
  • Who do you talk to when you are getting in your own way, or wonder what to do next? 

Posting questions online seems to always result in hundreds of comments of more doubt, false hope, or lack of hope and once you have gotten through all those responses you may have one or two good answers and a bad attitude. 

  • Wouldn't it make sense to have conversations with qualified peers actually doing what you are attempting? 
  • Wouldn't it make sense to talk to people already successful at doing what you want to do?

In our Austin Entertainment Management communities we are creating a safe place for thinking big and asking questions that get productive answers from experts who have proven processes. 

I know you hear MANAGEMENT COMPANY and think Oh they will get me gigs. Our service is accountability and resources.

We are here to get you doing the things you say you want to be achieving and connect you to the next piece of the puzzle. 

We want you to know how to manage your music business so you can build a team that suits your vision. If someone gives you a contract, you know what you are signing. You have the support you need to take on bigger and bigger opportunities. You can make educated business decisions. You won't have to know it all because you will have built trusted advisors around you.

Remember how we got into music because it was fun? The purpose of this group is to keep music fun, with less stress, and fear as you venture outside of your comfort zone. 

Rather than competing for gigs, fans, and money we are going to show you how you create gigs, fans, and money while working with amazing artists of all ages, genres, and experiences. Get outside of the small box of thinking everyone is out to get you, find a community where opportunities are endless. There are other musicians with a big vision for the future and we are collecting them here in an online collaborative space.  

Are you a musician with a big vision for the future?

Do you like to collaborate and work with others?

Do you want to keep music fun?

Would you like an invite to join?

Please let us know more about you by clicking the button and filling out the form.

At the end of the form you will get an email so you can book your Music Strategy Session with our

Opportunity Igniter and the Life Coach that Rocks Heidi Aderman. 

In that 30 minutes Heidi will explain more about how our musician mastermind works and how it will help you reach your goals. 

If our community seems like a win win for us both we will extend an invite for you to join our Austin Entertainment Management Resource Group. 

Reasons you may not apply

You are afraid of being ripped off. You are worried if you invest any money and time into this you will not get the return you want. 

We get it. We have been there too. We have built our community so that you can start at the level you are at. We have free events weekly and monthly that will help you get to know us and be comfortable with investing more into what we are building. It's ok to start by watching and learning. Get inspired and start to test out what you learn at our events or in our weekly blog. See if you are getting better results than you were before. If you have questions, come back and ask them at our monthly promo meeting. Then, you don't have to be afraid anymore to click the button and apply. You will have evidence we are not full of shit! Hopefully, as you get to know us, love our energy, and you will want to collaborate on a deeper level. 

You are afraid you won't have enough money to join as an elite member.

It's time to stop thinking poorly and start thinking abundantly. In your appointment you are going to learn all the benefits of joining our AEM resource center specific to your goals. One of the benefits of our group is the belief that no matter what the hurdle, there is a way around. Around you is lots of abundance. Come and tap into it. If money is the only thing holding you back from joining us then in our appointment we will have solutions for you to consider. No matter what, if you are ready to act on your music goals, this conversation is going to be valuable to you. 

You haven't actually acted on anything you said you were going to do in the past so why would this be different? 

This is actually where Heidi was right before the major mindset shift that made it much easier to get started and avoid procrastination. Heidi ignites opportunities because her specialty is getting started and then staying focused to the finish.  Heidi has learned that having a community of industry professionals and a network of peers is the key to being accountable. These people are your cheerleaders, your phone a friend for quality advice, and the people who are going to find you the opportunities you have been talking about. By joining our group you are going to the next level, in a safe place to grow, and become clear on why you want to do the things you have only been talking about. Today you decide to change course. Fill out your application and let this be the start to the future you have been imagining. 

You don't have time.

We do require you have time to invest into yourself for this group. You may find that you have more time than you think. We have a free lesson with an exercise for you to look at your time and see if this statement is really true for you that you will get after your meeting with Heidi. If you can find one hour a week, whether that be broken down into 15 minute sessions or all at one time, then you can do this. 

You don't like collaborating because you always end up doing all the work and everyone else benefits.

Yeah, that kind of collaboration sucks. That does not mean that every collaboration is going to be that way. There is a way you can ensure you are working with the right people and if you aren't sure how that is possible, bring it up in your appointment. You are not going to go far in the music industry without learning the art of partnerships. 

You don't want to see how many opportunities you have been missing out on because you aren't doing anything. 

We know. It hurts to know what you want has been passing you by while you have been waiting for luck to come your way! Once you see how much control you can have over your music career you are going to wonder why you had not found a community to be active in sooner. This group is going to take off the blinders and show you what you are capable of. You can throw that guilt trip of wasted time away and carry on with confidence that you know exactly where you are going to find your next opportunity and you are ready to take it. 


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