Yes! You do have

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It doesn't have to be perfect, or for hours,

or done at the same time as something else.

You don't have to be superman or do your best.

Just focus on doing a little bit every day.

It's not about the destination. 

It's about the process you developed to get there.

Why not make it easy?

Why not make it fun?

Why not do it together?

Imagine, Act, Achieve


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AEM Get Discovered Music Community

 THE AEM RESOURCE CENTER- For musicians doing business

Do you want

  • To reach the people who are going to love your music no matter where they are in the world?
  • More people to attend your events?
  • More money for the work you are already doing? 
  • A mentor to talk to that understands what you want to create? 
  • A community of collaborators?

This community is for you to help you thrive so you can continue to share music.

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Solve your Problem

Learn a fun process to solve problems and think outside of the box. Work on making this a new habit for maximum efficiency. 

Think Creatively One on One Coaching with Heidzalyn

Creative personalized support to have less fear, doubt, and stress in your life. Then you can create the outcomes you want, this is for you!

Wilder Business Success Coaching One on One Coaching with Heidzalyn

Personalized business support to have less fear, doubt, and stress in your life. Then you can create the outcomes you want in your business, plus increase revenue and employee happiness. This is for you!

Rise to the Top Album and Extras

MAST developed in the spring of 2013 from trio of veteran musicians influenced by the modern southern metal scene, 90's alternative, instrumental post-metal, and swampy, sludgy doom. More specific influences would be Black Sabbath, Pelican, Electric Wizard, Thursday, and Deftones.

Enjoy Rise to the Top. Our doomspirational journey of rising to greatness. 

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