Wilder Business Success Coaching One on One Coaching with Heidzalyn

We are going to have fun playing in your imagination. Each time we meet you will increase the skill of defining exactly what you want so you get it. You will use what you learn in these sessions to plan how you use your time and what actions you will take. You can act confidently knowing these are the right steps to take to get the result you day dreamed about. This creative thinking will free your mind from stress and make each day enjoyable. Once you have mastered this for yourself everyone in your space will benefit. 

The Heidzalyn system is designed around the teachings of the Silva Method, Neville Goddard, and Wallace D Wattles to name a few. Relax and find the answers inside of yourself. Discover small and fun things to do that will make a big difference in your results. Stop trying so hard. Then I combined this method with the Wilder Business Success method to help guide business owners through all of the situations 

Your homework will be consistency with one small mental habit that you will learn, based on a problem or situation you are facing that is slowing your progress. The next time we meet, report how you did and what you noticed. Based on what area of your business we decide to focus on you will also have homework from the Wilder Business Success Binder. You decide in the appointment how much you think you can get done by our next meeting.

You set up the frequency and how long we meet each time so that you have the right amount of accountability you need to be consistent with your actions. If you are up for it, I may even challenge you to a game. 

Working with a coach is a big investment in yourself. I want you to be comfortable with me and feel like I am the one you want to be with to travel the uncharted lands of your imagination. We are about to go on a totally excellent adventure! I want you to be ready and want it enough to define what IT is. I want you to know what to expect so when you purchase one of my packages you will be excited to get started. 

Click here for a discounted Hour introductory session called Solve your Problem

In this session I am going to teach you a process that you can make into a habit so that when I problem comes up, it is easy for you to solve it and reserve your creative energy for the projects you want to be working on.

This is more than a coaching session. Discover one small habit that is the antidote for fear and worry and practice using it.

Learn to think a different way so it becomes effortless to create anything you can imagine. Get more done in a day.

Get all of that from one 5 minute habit!

 The Solve your Problem Exercise is just one of the many little tricks I have. When you continue to work with me, I will teach you effortless exercises to focus on abundance and be able to quickly overcome whatever life throws your way. Plus the Wilder Business Success Binder with me as your guide will direct you to act confidently as you make business decisions and lead your team.

My packages are by hours. Then you can decide the frequency and how long we meet each time to fit your schedule and accountability needs. The 20 and 40 hour packages can be spaced out over the time span of a year. I have the option for a payment plan for all package options. You will get the best deal if you can pay for it before you begin.

If you require a payment plan option or have any questions about how to work with me you can email heidzalyn.coaching@gmail.com.   

Or Book a 15 minute call with me here.

Packages and pricing

5 hours for $2000.

20 hours for $6000. Save $2000

40 hours for $8000. Save $8000

New clients click here for your introductory Solve your Problem Session for $99

I only have 10 spots available on my schedule for one on one coaching so book your time now! 

When you sign up, log in to see my schedule and book your appointment. You will get an email confirmation and link to join our meeting at the time you choose. 

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